Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earthworm and Honey Bee Both Increase Food Production for Nature

Earthworm is a creature of nature which live underground and do a most significant role of increasing the fertilizing capacity of a land silently.

Other then Earthworm, another creature which is 'Honey Bee', a flying insects play more vital role for increase Production of fruits and corps. 

This Article on Honey Bee Can give you a better idea how it increase production of our foods and maintain chain of food intact. 

I will try to write more on Honey Bee Farming in Future, once I complete my own honey bee farming project.

Any idea / suggestion on Honeybee keeping project is highly welcome.  


Leaf Mulcher said...

Hey! This sounds really interesting. Hoping to read more about it!

Suporna Roy said...

Very Nice Blog !
I Like This Very Much.
Methods of Modern Farming
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Kompostownik ogrodowy said...

Hey there! I wonder if plastic composting units are as well effective as wooden ones? Have you ever tried to use them? I'm not in the mood of bulding a composter right now and thinking about to buy one in a garden store.

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