Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Earthworm Farming for Garden as Compost Fertilizer

Earthworm Farming for Garden as Compost Fertilizer

From my age of 12, my favorite hobby was gardening and fishing. On that time, my father was my guide to build and maintain my garden. He also helped me on my fishing hobby. As I live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, there was not too much space for my common hobby like Gardening or Fishing. So my father suggests me to make my house roof as garden. On that age, it was really tough for me to go fishing without guidance from any one bigger then me. So I have to spend more of my free time on roof. I can imagine that days, full of joy, flowers around me, preparing any new tab for new tree or reading book. At that time it was hard to find fertilizer in my city as very few of Hough population care about garden in city! I can remember that hard time to get fertilizer from other rural area.

One day, one of my father’s friends came to my roof. He was an expert on agriculture. Actually he was an officer of Agricultural Department of Bangladesh Government. He was really surprised to see my garden on a rooftop and later he expresses his willingness to help me build a Better garden. He was the first man from whom I hear about the Earthworm, which can replace the industrial fertilizer and do a big help of any garden. He is also helped me to Farming Earthworm for my Garden, even it can help my other hobby like Fishing.

This was a real discover for me about the earthworm, which can be use as fertilizing my garden’s tree and give me an unlimited source of material for fishing. What I need to raise the earthworm on my hand is Compost made from my house trash bin!

It was a long time; my father died on heart attack, my uncle, who was friend of my father also passed away, but these days, I still use his formula on my Earthworm Firm and use it to my Garden. This is really fun to Farming the Earthworm by own method. I started this Blog to shear my knowledge of Earthworm Farming with others who may still straggling with their garden and collect the industrial fertilizer.

I will post the step by step of Farming the Earthworm and use them on Gardening. This Earthworm Farming can be a source of Income, if you have plenty of time in hand and willingly work under open sky. So stay tune for more posting on this Blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment, if you have any Idea bout it. Till my next posting, bye and take care.

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